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Specialty Areas

Clinical Services
Physis Associates provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation services for adolescent (age 16 and up), adult, and geriatric individuals who have neurological or psychiatric conditions.  The evaluation can assist with diagnostic issues, identify treatment needs, clarify and confirm disability and/or cognitive impairment, and provide feedback on a person’s level of cognitive and emotional functioning. 

Neuropsychological assessments can also assist family members, health care providers, attorneys, and other professionals in making informed decisions on behalf of clients or companies in circumstances such as decision-making capacity, worker’s compensation, and independent medical evaluations.

Who can benefit?
Individuals or families who suspect memory problems, attention difficulties, academic or learning problems, as well as persons with brain injury, concussion, stroke, or other neurological illness can benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation.

Dr. Keaveney provides neuropsychological evaluation services to older individuals from several religious organizations in the Delaware Valley as well as residents of multiple private assisted living facilities and nursing homes. 
In the case of evaluating older individuals for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, Dr. Keaveney will go on-site to see persons living in assisted living and nursing home facilities.  This allows those with poor health or mobility to have prompt access to care and reduces the burden on family members seeking assistance for their loved ones. 

Educational Services
Dr. Keaveney is available to provide educational seminars or training to small and large groups on a variety of topics including but not limited to: Dementia, Managing Challenging Behaviors in a Long-term Care Setting, Traumatic Brain Injury, Psychopharmacology, and Neuropsychological Assessment.


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