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Executive Coaching

Dr. O’Hara provides executive coaching services to business owners, executive officers, senior leaders and high potential leaders. He delivers leadership development coaching, crisis management consultations, psychological assessment and organizational development programs to individuals from the pharmaceutical industry, financial services organizations, medical practices, private foundations, religious judicatories and family businesses.

All services are delivered directly by Dr. O’Hara in a manner consistent with the individual’s and the organization’s specific needs, resources and goals.

Dr. O’Hara works to establish a clear understanding of objectives, measures of accountability and the organizational culture. He works collaboratively with emphasis placed on surpassing expectations regarding communication and achieving results.

Sample Executive Coaching Proposal 

Executive Coaching will include the following: 
    • 90-120 minute meetings on a regular basis at the company site
    • Six month commitment period with ongoing evaluation of progress
    • Three phases:
            o Data collection (360° feedback interviews, personality assessment and review of records)
            o Working towards objectives
            o Closure
    • Meetings with Human Resources Partner, Senior Manager and Dr. Smith
    • Open coaching relationship
    • Specific personal information kept in confidence
    • Feedback given in aggregate form to ensure the privacy of those interviewed

All of my professional resources will be committed to assisting Dr. Smith in developing his business effectiveness.

Dennis J. O’Hara, Ph.D., ABPP
Executive Coach

Sample Executive Coaching Summary

Dr. John Smith is a warm, friendly, very intelligent leader. His drive, integrity and responsibility are exceptional. He is a fast learner who is direct, pragmatic and structured. Dr. Smith possesses a fine blend of experience, personality and global sensitivity.

• To develop as a “visible” leader
• To increase communication clarity and impact
• To develop a leadership presence
• To learn how to step back from technical details and see the “big picture”
• To clarify career objectives

• 15 face to face coaching meetings
• 360° feedback interviews
• Feedback meetings with manager and human resources partner
• Discussion of HBR articles
• Discussion of company leadership capabilities

Dr. Smith is becoming more assertive in meetings and has “learned to act in the role, to get the role.” Dr. Smith has focused on making at least two meaningful contributions in each meeting.

Dr. Smith has seen the value of developing and articulating a stronger vision of his role and has learned to position himself more impactfully.

Dr. Smith has slowed his speech when speaking in groups, but can continue to work on articulation, pace and inflection.

Dr. Smith demonstrated an increasing self-confidence and leadership presence in planning and presenting during his spring trip to Brazil and Chile.

Dr. Smith has experienced a number of “aha” moments when discussing group roles and behaviors on the global team. He has expressed great interest in learning strategies for difficult, quiet, controlling and derailing individuals on work teams. Dr. Smith has benefitted from excellent mentoring by his manager and has taken appropriate advantage of opportunities afforded him. Dr. Smith has taken tentative steps in assessing risk and sharing information in an ad hoc manner.

Dr. Smith has more to learn about self-promotion and “managing up,” but he has begun to see the importance of it for his own career development.

Dr. Smith has used this leadership development opportunity to significantly improve his personal impact, leadership capabilities and his vision of future career responsibilities. He managed the global alliance with skillfulness and is learning how to shape the conversation so each company can internalize the project and work together toward a successful outcome.

Dr. Smith was an enthusiastic learner throughout the coaching process. He made himself vulnerable and open to new ideas and eagerly pursued new approaches to “people problems.”

Dr. Smith will need to continue to focus his development on understanding personal dynamics on teams, anticipating problems, increasing appropriate risk taking behavior and learning how to influence senior leaders.

Dr. Smith was one of the most rewarding managers I have ever coached. During our time together, I learned more about cross cultural coaching and how to help a manager with a “scientific mind” develop as an interpersonal leader. It was my pleasure to work collaboratively with Dr Smith.

Dennis J. O’Hara, Ph.D., ABPP
Executive Coach

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