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About Physis Associates
Physis Associates, established in 1994, is an interdisciplinary group of professional men and women delivering psychological, neuropsychological, and organizational services. The Greek word, Physis, describes development as the process of growing and reaching one’s intrinsic potential.

The goal of Physis Associates is to provide high quality behavioral health services to individuals and organizations based on the unique needs, values and resources of those served.

Dr. Dennis J. O’Hara is President and Founder of Physis Associates. Dr. Julie Keaveney is a Principal in Physis Associates. Dr. Janine Rinderle is a psychotherapist for Physis Associates. Ms. Karol Brewer is the Business Manager for Physis Associates.

In addition, Physis Associates includes experienced professional men and women with expertise in psychology and pastoral counseling, dedicated to providing excellent, caring services to individuals, couples and groups. In conjunction with psychiatrists and other health care professionals, the Physis staff works collaboratively to provide comprehensive care for each individual.


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610.269.3037 (Office)

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